Wednesday, March 2, 2011

back in peru

here we are, back in la punta after being away since july 2010.  the trip here was mostly uneventful except for checking our bags in at SFO.  it only took an hour to convince Continental that we could check that extra bag.  we arrived in Lima about 11:30pm where we had to plead with the customs guy to not charge us an arm and a leg for our 7 suitcases.  it was a relatively quick walk across the street to the hotel -- imagine transporting 7 suitcases and 2 backpacks and you get the picture.  we finally got to bed about 2am.

Gonzalo had us picked up and brought to the boat yesterday afternoon.  his guys took great care keeping Chesapeake clean.  our biggest challenge was where to put all the suitcases until we could begin unpacking.  everything is exhausting and overwhelming.  the boat moving, the mildew smell, lack of space to put anything including ourselves, and no food and very little water.  dinner was a quiet affair of Trader Joe's instant soup, hot tea and oreo's only a little stale.

we planned out what we absolutely had to do on Wednesday and SUCCESS.  you can tell by reading this  blog that we got our Claro stick renewed for internet acccess.  we also did a little grocery shopping and met with the sailmaker who actually came to the boat and picked up the 2 jibs that need repair and took them away.  we even managed to have lunch at our favorite Italian cafe.  unfortunately they no longer sell water in 5 gal. jugs.  they sent us off with their last two jugs and now we have to find a way to continue to bring water to the boat.  10 gallons doesn't go very far for 2 people.

Jim is reclining in his underwear after starting the Genset and checking water levels in the batteries.  i'm about to go horizontal myself to continue reading a real book.

more to come, perhaps with pictures.

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