Sunday, March 13, 2011

tsunami drill

we've walked past this sign at the end of the dock hundreds of times, but last friday it took on special significance for us.  we didn't know about the tsunami warning until Lady J hailed us from their mooring to tell us to turn on the VHS radio.   we checked the NOAA website and estimated we had about 10 hours to decide what to do.  jim had to meet gonzalo in the morning to look for batteries and when he returned to la punta at 4pm he said it was like a ghost town and they were stopping traffic into the peninsula.  we decided it was a good opportunity to motor out for the evening and check to see what wasn't working on the boat  since Chesapeake's been swinging on the mooring for 10 months.  everything worked except the steaming light and we were rewarded with a firey sunset.

we weren't the only boats to go out for the evening.  the peruvian navy was out along with all the really big cats, sailboats and motor yachts.  apparently this is standard procedure and they take these warnings very seriously.  this weekend the navy continues to circle the marina and no traffic is allowed in or out.  we heard later there was no appreciable increase in water level except it was a high tide.

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