Wednesday, March 23, 2011

sh*t happens

yes that's jim blowing into a water jug, one of six, to siphon water.  a technique he's really good at.  this has not been one of our better days.  before having our morning tea we discovered one of the potable water tanks that was full was now empty.  porque?  apparently the unlabeled lever in the head got moved so instead of flushing the toilet with sea water we were using our precious filtered water.  so we bypassed the tea and went right over to minka to buy six more jugs to haul back in the taxi, onto the launcha, and onto the boat.  i should mention half of these jugs had no handles.  that made it all the more interesting getting them from the launcha onto the boat with the strong wave action we're having.  so we how have 30 gallons in the tank.  only two more trips back and forth and we're all set.  we're trying to put this in perspective.  it's like using $1 bills for toilet paper, it's expensive and not very satisfying (jim's words).

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