Sunday, March 13, 2011

grocery shopping at minka

minka's.  the biggest shopping center i've ever been to and it's only a 15 minute taxi ride away.  three gigantic buildings filled with individual stalls of shopkeepers.  surrounding these buildings outside are stores and kiosks, numerous local fast food joints and a cinema.  here's a sampling of just one of the buildings.

this is one of the fruit aisles

in the veggie aisle many places sell pre-chopped veggies

i bought one of these tamales filled with choclo con queso (their white corn and cheese) and took it back to the boat to eat.  it was really good.

more veggies beautifully displayed

another mixed veggie offering for chifa (chinese fried rice)

the potato aisle where hundreds of varieties are sold.  they have many ways of cooking this tuber but not the plain old baked potato we know at home.

morada (purple corn) used for making mazamorra morada (purple corn pudding) which i have yet to taste and the very popular drink chicha morada which is really delicious.

even ajo (garlic) is displayed beautifully

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